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Texas Border ops
« on: October 30, 2021, 11:47:17 PM »
If you have been wondering if there is anyone DOing anything about the situation at Our southern border.   The answer is YES!!  There is at least one location/community that is cashing the checks their mouths have written.   We are making ready for the literal invasion force coming north through Mexico and being armed by cartel.  We have supplies. We have beds and room for trailers and tents.  We have land. We have gear. We have toys... 

What We NEED are the MEN and WOMEN to assist making ready to recieve.   And then to DEFEND it.

This location has been a humanitarian aid to the community for over 20 years.  More than half of the community utilizes it in some form or fashion.   If this location falls, so does the community.

We are making ready to divert and redirect.   We are hoping to have the NUMBERS show up that will allow Us to REPEL and DEFEAT.   

We have 3hots and a cot for any who show up.  Understand this...  Primary goal is defense of community, assets on location, and those living on-site.   There is still a lot of work needing to be done.  This is NOT a paying job.  This is NOT a trigger happy op.  This is Patriots doing what they KNOW needs DOing to protect Our Border.

It is agreed that once We have effectively handled the immediate threat making it's way north, and can efficiently manage and control it properly...  We will turn Our eyes inward to the THREAT FROM WITHIN.  Those who have continually and constantly create havoc and harm for We the People, are seeing their last days. 

We are currently gathering funds to help where We can with gas for travel.  We have funding in the works to help with bills while away from home.  Again, THIS IS NOT a 'paying job'.  Nobody is getting rich.  Nobody is collecting an income.   We are miles and hours and STATES away from OUR families and children.   Yet We have answered the call. 

If you are compelled to do the same, We welcome you.  With that said, there are still bullshit 'laws' that must be followed and We are doing things as by the book as We can.  To help insure the saftey of the community, this location, and those living on the land, We have SOP/ROE that are NON-NEGOTIABLE.  Period....  until such time when those 'laws' are moot. 

Please pay attention and abide by the following.

We have SOP that everyone coming on location goes through. There is a very real threat from multiple sides that can put dire consequences on the people living on location and the work they do for the community.

Everyone is vetted. A general cch for class A felonies and above. Anyone with that on their record will not be allowed on-site.... until those rules/laws are moot We are keeping things by the book.

If anyone is TX security licensed, they will be placed on the cmdr's security firm employment roll(not a paying gig) and be put through that firms set background procedures.

If they are NOT TX security licensed, they will be put on the ministry registry as "Sheppards" of the congregation to bypass TX security rules/laws.

If you are still gtg with that, shoot me your name and d.o.b. an We will get you cleared to come to location.

Eagle Pass TX.
18006621836 ext 756

Call that number.  Talk to Preacher.  Make it to that city....  and we'll get you on location.